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AVP: Best Pizza In Pittsburgh

Updated: Mar 22

Alta Via (AVP) General Info AVP Hours of Operation:

Monday–Thursday: 11:30 AM–9 PM

Friday & Saturday: 11:30 AM–10:00 PM

Sunday: 11:30 AM–8:00 PM

AVP Contact Information:

AVP Phone Number: 412-755-3387



In the bustling culinary landscape of Pittsburgh, one restaurant stands out for its innovative approach to traditional Italian cuisine—Alta Via Pizzeria. At City Kitchen, while we pride ourselves on offering a diverse and delightful array of dishes at Charred, Elevate, Somi, and Shaka, we can't help but recommend our neighbor, Alta Via, for those times when our team craves something uniquely different. Alta Via Pizzeria offers a distinctive fusion of Californian flair and Italian Alpine tastes, inspired by the freshest seasonal ingredients and an ethos of active living.

Here's why Alta Via Pizzeria is a must-visit in Pittsburgh:

Unique Cuisine

Alta Via brings to the table a harmonious blend of Italian cuisine with a California twist, putting a spotlight on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Their culinary philosophy marries the hearty, comforting essence of Italian dishes with the light, health-conscious approach of Californian cuisine. It's a fusion that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also aligns with an active lifestyle, making every meal feel both indulgent and wholesome.

Pizza and More

What sets Alta Via apart is their two distinctive styles of pizza, each a testament to their innovative culinary fusion. Alongside these pizza offerings, their menu is replete with Italian classics that promise to satisfy. From crisp salads and hearty sandwiches—including their signature AVP burger—to simple, seasonal vegetable dishes, Alta Via caters to a variety of preferences and cravings.

Ambiance and Experience

Alta Via's casual dining atmosphere is perfectly complemented by both takeout and patio options at their Shadyside location, ensuring that whether you're in for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the setting is just right. Each of their locations in Pittsburgh, including Bakery Square focused on takeout and DoorDash deliveries, boasts a full bar with an array of local beers, innovative cocktails, and an extensive wine list, inviting you to linger over your meal just a little longer.

Two Convenient Locations

- Bakery Square: Primarily catering to takeout and delivery aficionados, this location is perfect for those on the go, looking to enjoy quick and delicious Italian-Californian cuisine.

- Shadyside: Offering a vibrant dine-in experience along with takeout and patio seating, this spot is ideal for those seeking a more atmospheric dining affair.

Alta Via Pizzeria's commitment to quality and freshness likely means they emphasize these elements heavily in their marketing, alongside their unique Cal-Ital fusion cuisine. They appeal to those seeking an active lifestyle with "fast-casual Italian perfect for on-the-go" and create a diverse experience catering to various dining preferences, from quick takeouts at Bakery Square to vibrant, leisurely meals in Shadyside.

In recommending Alta Via, City Kitchen celebrates the shared love of food that brings people together, crafted with care, creativity, and a commitment to quality. Whether you're a Pittsburgh local or just passing through, a visit to Alta Via Pizzeria offers a delightful exploration of flavors that bridge the gap between the Alpine and the Californian, making every meal a memorable experience.

Alta Via Pizzaria Menu:

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