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Trader Joe's: East Liberty's Grocery Store

Updated: Mar 22

Trader Joe's General Info

Trader Joe's Hours of Operation:

Monday: 8AM - 9PM

Tuesday: 8AM - 9PM

Wednesday: 8AM - 9PM

Thursday: 8AM - 9PM

Friday: 8AM - 9PM

Saturday: 8AM - 9PM

Sunday: 8AM - 9PM

Trader Joe's Contact Information:

Trader Joe's Phone Number: (412) 363-5748

Trader Joe's Email Address: Unknown

Trader Joe's Address: 6343 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Trader Joe's Website

In the vibrant heart of East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Trader Joe's stands as a testament to unique, affordable, and quality grocery shopping. Nestled on Penn Avenue, right in the block beside City Kitchen and the bustling Bakery Square, this beloved grocery store has become the go-to destination for students from CMU, Pitt, and Chatham. Its eclectic range of products, friendly ambiance, and unbeatable prices make it a favorite among the academic community and local residents alike. As advocates for the finest local experiences, we're excited to delve into what makes Trader Joe's a cornerstone of the East Liberty community and share some exciting developments about its future.

A Staple for Students and Locals

Curated Selection for Creative Meals: Trader Joe's is renowned for its vast selection of house-brand staples, emphasizing both value and quality. It's the perfect spot for students looking to experiment with unique and seasonal food items without stretching their budgets. From organic essentials to specialty products, Trader Joe's caters to every culinary need, making it a haven for food enthusiasts.

A Community-Centric Atmosphere: The welcoming vibe of Trader Joe's, characterized by its friendly and casual atmosphere, ensures every visit is more than just a shopping trip—it's an enjoyable experience. Known for its exceptional customer service, Trader Joe's has fostered a sense of community, endearing itself to students and locals alike.

Trader Joe's Bright Future in East Liberty

Amid the dynamic changes sweeping through East Liberty, Trader Joe's is embarking on an exciting journey. As part of the extensive expansion of Bakery Square by Walnut Capital, the beloved Trader Joe's on Penn Avenue is slated for an inspiring redevelopment. Here's a glimpse into what the future holds:

New Location within Bakery Square Expansion: In a move that reaffirms its commitment to the East Liberty community, Trader Joe's will be relocated to a brand-new building within the Bakery Square development. This strategic move by Walnut Capital ensures that Trader Joe's continues to serve as a pivotal shopping destination, right beside City Kitchen and the vibrant Bakery Square.

A Future Hub of Convenience and Quality: While specifics about the new Trader Joe's location, including its opening date, are still forthcoming, the anticipation is palpable. The promise of a modern, accessible space within Bakery Square is a testament to the bright future awaiting Trader Joe's and its loyal clientele.

The Present Is Just as Bright

In anticipation of its relocation, the current Trader Joe's location on Penn Avenue remains a bustling hub of activity, welcoming shoppers with open arms. It's business as usual, with all the distinctive products and friendly staff members that customers have come to love.

Trader Joe's in East Liberty, a stone's throw away from City Kitchen and Bakery Square, is not just a grocery store; it's a vital part of our community's daily life, especially for the students of CMU, Pitt, and Chatham. With its imminent move to a new location within Bakery Square, Trader Joe's is set to continue its legacy of offering an unmatched shopping experience that's as enjoyable as it is unique. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development, and in the meantime, don't miss out on the chance to explore the current offerings at Trader Joe's on Penn Avenue.

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